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Re: Altivec conditional?

Am Fre, 2002-02-22 um 13.58 schrieb Jakub Jelinek:

> I don't think adding altivec.h to AC_CHECK_HEADERS is that much additional
> work (or even inserting new AC_CHECK_HEADERS).
> This is how you do check for all headers not shipped by the compiler, so I
> don't see why this one should be handled any differently.

It's actually more than this:
- will only work for projects that actually use autoconf.
- one needs to define projectwide conditionals which are substituted in
  at least config.h (if it exists at all) and probably Makefiles
- one needs to recreate the whole Makefilery

This make be a bearable effort for projects one actually partipates in
and has the rights and chances to propagate the changes to the official
source but is a PITA for patch based development in local trees.

Don't get me wrong, I use autoconf very much and despite its sometimes
obscure problems I like it very much. But it causes quite an additional
overhead for me to add altivec support to a few projects because the
changes are quite intrusive and easy to break using anonymous CVS and
local development.

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