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Re: PATCH: Correct diff-generation in release scripts

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> The reason that were no diffs was that the diff-generation logic
> in the release script was broken.

"was broken" isn't a particularly helpful problem description.

> Tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu, committed to mainline and branch
> (with minor variations on the mainline due to drift).

Tested how (the normal method I use is to run a snapshot manually with the
new version)?

> !   old_dir=${1%/*}
>     old_file=${1##*/}
>     old_vers=${old_file%.tar.gz}
>     old_vers=${old_vers#gcc-}
> --- 292,298 ----
>   # Build diffs against an old release.
>   build_diffs() {
> !   old_dir=${1%/}

What is the effect / purpose of this change intended to be?

> !       ${SCP} -p ${x} ${FTP_PATH} || \

> +   # Make sure the directory exists on the server.
> +   ${SSH} -l ${GCC_USERNAME} ${GCC_HOSTNAME} mkdir ${FTP_PATH}

> !       ${SCP} -p ${x} "${GCC_USERNAME}@${GCC_HOSTNAME}:${FTP_PATH}" || \

Will this work with snapshots (which run locally, and did force SCP to be
cp and the path to be just a directory)?

Joseph S. Myers

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