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suggestion regarding release (or patch) announcements

I found it a little difficult to determine the content of 3.0.4.

The question I always have when a new patch comes out is: "Is it
worth compiling and installing?" For different people, this will
be a different answer. Without actually doing a 'diff -r' between
3.0.3 and 3.0.4 (quite a few tweaks actually), or without looking
at each and every ChangeLog, I'm not certain how I would know the
answer to my question.

An example of a project that is doing it much as I (and likely others)
prefer it, is: At any time, I can refer to
that web page, and within only a click or two, determine what state
the latest patch of the linux-2.4 kernel is in. I can look at the
brief summary of differences and decide whether the patch would
benefit me, solve a specific issue that I may have suspected I was
experiencing, or determine whether I risk breakage by accepting the

I realize that you (the developers) have done an excellent job of
ensuring that your patches are stable, however, the fact that patches
exist suggest that at times, things need to be modified, or it is
preferable to modify things.

If it would not be too much effort, I believe the community of people
that use gcc on a regular basis would appreciate it greatly if a simple
summary was available in a location that is accessible with a reasonable
or less amount of effort.

Thank you, and I bid you luck in keeping up the good work...


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