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Re: GCC 3.1 Branch

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> I intend to create the GCC 3.1 branch sometime tomorrow.

Since there's no documentation of creating release branches, a probably
incomplete list of places that need changing:

* cvs.html, list of tags.
* index.html, news entry.

* All [vV]ersion.c files on the branch, to say "prerelease" instead of 

* All [vV]ersion.c files on the mainline, to say 3.2 instead of 3.1 (and 
to say 0.5.28 as the G77 version number, since the separate G77 version 
number hasn't been eliminated yet).

* The mainline doc/include/gcc-common.texi, to change the version number 
to 3.2.  Since other manuals aren't yet using this file to get versions, 
java/gcj.texi and f/root.text also need updating; f/root.texi also needs 
the G77 version updating.

* Branch f/root.texi, to @clear DEVELOPMENT.

* Mainline maintainer-scripts/gcc_release, where it says "# For now
snapshots come from the mainline.", to make snapshots come from the branch 
instead.  (cvs update will also need to be run in the scripts directory in 
the gccadmin account, to update the version actually called from cron.)

* gcc.pot should be regenerated just before the branch (or just after, on
mainline and branch), and a new snapshot from the branch created, and that
snapshot submitted to the translation project.  (At least until the 3.1
release, translation effort should be for the branch rather than the

* I'll deal with adjusting the references to c99status.html in the docs on
the branch to refer to a copy with the 3.1 status.

Joseph S. Myers

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