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What's fixed in 3.0.4 (list of PRs)

This is an unofficial list of what's added and what's fixed in gcc 3.0.4.
Thanks to lots of folks for helping to assemble the list; especially
thanks to those developers who mentioned the PR being fixed in the
ChangeLog (please do this!).

The only new feature is the support for Tensilica Xtensa processors (a new
back end).  Otherwise 3.0.4 is just a bug fix release.  There are more
fixes for C++ than for any other area.

Here's a list of problem reports (PRs) fixed in 3.0.4.  For more details,
you can check the GNATS bug database; follow the GNATS link on the
http::/ web page.

Build errors (errors showing up when someone attempts to build the compiler)

 5209 3.0.3, arm-linux: segfault building libstdc++
 5198 libstdc++ build fail for some m68k flavors (bad assembly code for locks)
 5410 fix for NetBSD/i386/elf configuration
 5584 gcc package does not build on rs6000 AIX system with xlc compiler

Compiler crashes (internal compiler errors):

 5217 ICE on ppc 750 with -ffast_math

Backend (optimization/code gen) bugs

 5076 (backend) strength reduction bug

C++ compiler bugs:

 907  (win32) __attribute__((stdcall)) didn't affect member functions
 2432 bad exception handling code on sparc
 3203 exception handling does not work on AIX
 3242 bug with "using" and overloaded member functions
 3331 bug with member pointer and "const"
 3395 (win32) attribute causes type comparison to fail
 3536 (mi: multiple inheritance) undefined reference to non-virtual thunk
 4122 (mi) another case of undefined reference to non-virtual thunk

Bugs in the C++ standard library:

 3561 using ostream with -Wshadow produces warnings
 3272 (and 5181) ostream::operator<<(streambuf*) sets EOFBIT to output stream
 5037 Multithreaded read access to strings not threadsafe on Solaris/Sparc

Other bugs:
 3571 (preprocessor) cpp -traditional inserts line breaks
 4972 (java) undefined reference to 'libiconv'
 5450 (preprocessor) __i386__ missing on UnixWare (SVR4)

 3504 (documentation) Correct a mistake in the documentation of __alignof__

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