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Re: PR optimization/4490 (-m128bit-long-double on ia32)

> Hi!
> optimization/4490:
> /* { dg-do compile } */
> /* { dg-options "-O2" } */
> /* { dg-options "-m128bit-long-double -O2" { target i?86-*-* } } */
> double f (unsigned long long x)
> {
>   double d = x;
>   return d;
> }
> ICEs because optabs for the d = x assignment (which cannot be done in
> DFmode) looks up a wider mode. Wider mode is XFmode and IA-32, if
> !TARGET_64BIT, has XFmode patterns, so optabs attempts to use them
> (which is what -m128bit-long-double should prevent IMHO).
> But as long double is TFmode in this case, type_for_mode cannot find any
> type for mode XFmode and soon after it segfaults in IA-32 CONSTANT_ALIGNMENT
> implementation.
> Shouldn't all IA-32 XFmode patterns be banned if TARGET_128BIT_LONG_DOUBLE
> (ie. replace all !TARGET_64BIT in XFmode patterns with

Probably yes, in the current shape.  Originally I've sent some patches letting
XFmode and TFmode floats to coexist, as my goal has been to let people use
__attribyte__ ((TFmode)) type and keep long double as it is when they need ABI
compatibility and fast floats, but they didn't get in.

I can make patch sometime at monday or tuesday, unless you will be faster.

> 	Jakub

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