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Re: QFmode float support missing from optabs?

At 2:10 PM -0800 2/20/02, Richard Henderson wrote:

>On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 11:41:41AM -0500, Alan Lehotsky wrote:
>> Right now in optabs.c, there are checks for HFmode, SFmode, DFmode,
>> XFmode, etc. but no corresponding checks for QFmode...
>I'm curious that this works for c4x but not your target?

	I think it's partly that c4x is using HFmode (two 32 bit bytes), and partly because they've
	got define_expands for most of the QF mode things.   Including doing libcalls directly
	in the backend. Maybe Michael Hayes will chime in on this?

	The c4x port also defines some of the things that are normally in the libfuncs tables as private
	copies and initializes them in the INIT_TARGET_OPTABS, even though the global symbols are
	declared in the backend and apparently not used by the optabs directly.

	My machine is STRICTLY software floating point.

	I could use the c4x workarounds at a large increase in pain, but fixing the optabs is IMHO
	a better solution.....

	-- Al


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