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Re: Commercial Development

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Joe Buck wrote:

> > Now if you are asking whether the license restrictions you plan to use for
> > some proprietary software are compatible with use of software with other
> > licenses (e.g. GPL, LGPL, ...) you are asking a legal question. You need to
> > get proper legal advice on this question. Not only is it illegal for 
> > non-lawyers to give legal advice, but in any case asking for legal advice
> > on a list like this is unlikely to provide any definitive answers or answers
> > that you can rely on.
> It is frequently claimed that it is illegal for non-lawyers to give legal
> advice in the US.  This is false.

Actually, it's not false at all.
It's illegal individually in all states.
For instance, in texas, you have the "Unauthorized practices of law 
committee", created by the texas legislature, and overseen by the texas 
supreme court.

In addition, their is a federal law that makes it illegal for a non-lawyer 
to give legal advice across state lines.

Thus, since we have complete coverage, it's illegal, in the US, for 
non-lawyers to give legal advice.

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