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Re: assembler debug_line support (was Re: [v3] -pedantic-errors vs. extern template)

Jason Merrill <> writes:

| >>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Dos Reis <> writes:
| > Jason Merrill <> writes:
| > |  What does the bad assembly look like?
| >         .file 1 "/home/gdr/work/egcs/gcc/libgcc2.c"
| Looks like your assembler doesn't support the dwarf2 directives.  configure
| checks for this with 'assembler dwarf2 debug_line support'; can you
| investigate why that test succeeds?

Now that you marked out the problem, I could see the possible source:

  1) During configuration, configure determines /usr/bin/as as the
  assembler to use:

        checking what assembler to use... /usr/bin/as
   On my system, that version happens so support dwarf2 directives:

        checking assembler dwarf2 debug_line support... yes

   2) During building xgcc is invoking the assembler that happens to
   come first in my $PATH (here a version I installed in $HOME/bin
   long time before my system assembler version becomes newer),
   -not- that determined during configuration.  That ressembles a
   problem encountered when building GCC on Solaris boxes -- where the
   opposite happens. 

So I have two questions:

   a) Shouldn't xgcc use the assembler found by configure?  
   b) Why are xgcc and configure finding different assembler to use?

Thanks for your patience,

-- Gaby


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