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libstdc++ libtool lossage

Once again I am completely baffled by this software.

The issue is that is not being linked against, which means that the EH routines aren't being
bound properly.  This isn't happening because

	(1a) is built with xgcc instead of g++,
	(1b) we do that to avoid trying to link

	(2a) xgcc isn't being given -shared-libgcc,
	(2b) because libtool won't pass a bare -shared-libgcc
	     through to the compiler and
	(2c) -Wc,arg isn't valid on the gcc command line used
	     by configure,
	(2d) so there's no valid setting for CXX_FOR_TARGET
	     that achieves the goal.

	(3) Even if -shared-libgcc somehow made it through to
	    xgcc, libtool is overriding the logic and using
	    -nostdlibs and specifying -lgcc explicitly.  I am
	    unable to figure out the how when and why of this.

We absolutely must get this fixed for gcc 3.1.  Will you
help unravel this rat's nest?


PS: Pardon me while I vent some frustration:

There is no way it should be this difficult to build a stinking
shared library.  One of these days I'm going to make "gcc -shared"
Just Work and then we can give libtool and automake the flush.
None of the runtime libraries distributed with gcc will ever be
built with anything but gcc, so it is pointless to cater to some
broken system's broken tools.

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