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Re: Dwarf Error: Invalid or unhandled FORM value: 14.

On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 10:40:10PM +0100, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> > What platforms does this new requirement cover?
> All platforms using DWARF-2 are affected.

I don't know enough about dwarf-2, so if someone
could provide a list of these platforms, that would
be helpful.
Right now, I encountered this problem on a plain
Red Hat 7.1 Intel x86 based system.  I think
there is a high degree of probability that other
people will have a similar configuration and will
hit the same problem.  Improving the documentation
will be necessary in this case.

> I don't think there is a strict requirement on new binutils though
> (as opposed to recent enough gdb), because in ld case this happens
> just when the linker wants to translate some address into source
> location to output some warning/error. In gdb case it means you
> cannot debug the program.

Well, the binutils requirement may not be strict, 
but from the point of view of writing instructions
for people to follow, it is much easier to write
something like:

- in order to use gcc 3.1, on platform X, you must
  use binutils version Y

What is the binutils version Y that I must now use
to eliminate this particular problem?  I don't know
the answer to this, and I don't see the answer
in the documentation.

Craig Rodrigues

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