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Re: Experiment: gcc and doxygen

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 05:25:18PM -0800, Joe Buck wrote:
> But in this case it will be cheaper to teach people to fish than to give
> them the fish.  That is, the doxygen source and your instructions on how
> to generate the data will take less disk space than just the data, right?

Less space, certainly.  Less time?  Hmm.

Short version:

1)  Get doxygen.
2)  Get the "dot" utility.
3)  Create a doxygen config file.

Long version:

1)  Get doxygen: and use the latest version you possibly
    can -- they believe in "release early, release often" and are fixing
    bugs very fast.
2)  GraphViz is from AT&T (,
    with a spinoff at, and last time I checked required
    strange AT&T tools to build from source.  Get a prebuilt binary.
3)  I took libstdc++'s doxygen file and hacked it up.  It's below.  You'll
    need to modify it to fit local paths (full paths aren't required, but it
    gets confusing without them).  Settings to investigate include INPUT,

Put the config file in the top-level directory.  Run "doxygen configfile".
On a reasonably fast i686 with little load, it takes about half an hour.
Listen for a burst of disk activity; that's the end of processing when
all the HTML is being created.  It means your computer is usable again.  :-)


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