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Keeping a local CVS repository updated with public CVS changes...

I like to have my own private CVS repository where I can checkin
work-in-progress and insure a stable working version without daily
changes - and for example, if I experiment with changing something


I can just

      rm expr.c
      cvs update expr.c

and get back one that's known to be identical with what I started

The way I manage this at present is to have a source tree checked out
from the public CVS tree and perhaps once a week do

     cvs update -d -P .
     cvs -D /my/local/cvs/root import -m "" . FSF 14FEB02

and then run the merge from the branch to synch up with my changes in
a private tree checked out from /my/local/cvs/root.

This works fairly well, except for the fact that this doesn't track
files that are moved in the public repository.  It just leaves the old
one in my repository and creates a new one.   That also isn't normally
a problem, but every once-in-a-while, some file gets left in a place
where it confuses the make rule.

Before I go off and reinvent way too many shell scripts, I was
wondering if anyone else has created tools to keep two repositories in
structural synchrony?

-- Al Lehotsky

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