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Re: GCC 3.0.4, GCC 3.1, GCC 3.2

 In message <94839294.1013707121@[]>, Mark Mitchell writes:
 > > I'd even go ahead and volunteer to create the branch on the 15th, as
 > > planned, so that Mark can keep focused on 3.0.4 and we can stick to
 > > the original plan.  Creating a branch is cheap, and easy, so I don't
 > > see a reason to not reopen mainline on the planned time.
 > Thank you for offerring to help out.
 > I know everyone is chomping at the bit to check in all kinds of great things
 > for the 3.2 release.
 > However, I would prefer that we put off making the branch.  That will keep
 > us all thinking about the issues that apply to the current release, which
 > is a good thing.  For example, we need to work out the current issues about
 > libgcc.  If there is agreement on a solution, we may need help to implement
 > it, and we need to do that ASAP to avoid serious delays in the schedule.
 > So, if you have the energy, that would be a better place to volunteer.
I agree with Mark -- let's focus on getting the issues resolved with 3.0.4
so it can go forward, then shift focus to issues that are blocking 3.1.


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