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Forthcoming launch AssociaMed and MedsPDA, prize draw and Link to us

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Now you can link to us! - just go to about and copy and paste to your website -it couldn't be simpler.
To celebrate our launch, MedsPDA is holding a free prize draw open to all healthcare professionals and medical journalists. First prize is a state-of-the art Compaq 3870  'Blue-Tooth compliant' PDA. 
PRESS RELEASE (Copyright free)

Drs Jonathan Winehouse MD, CEO AssociaMedSM and Rakesh Patel, CTO MedsPDA are set to revolutionise information exchange within Healthcare. 

Their new websites and have joined forces to launch a medical community where Doctors and scientists from all over the world can meet online to discuss information, ideas, research, educational activities and share Handheld software. 

Frustrated by a general lack of secure communication facilities, they began developing a tailor made solution that could meet the ever-growing demands of medical connectivity. They have created a virtual medical environment, which mirrors the physical world in which we live, where data of all types can be freely accessed and exchanged. 

AssociaMedSM's communication system is highly intuitive- Physicians or medical scientists can at the touch of a button, set-up or join in private and secure 'discussion groups'. Each discussion group utilises state-of-the-art facilities such as real-time file and document sharing. 

AssociaMedSM also provides free and open access to valuable medical resources and databases, which includes the largest collection of medical journals found anywhere on the web. 
In order to encourage the future development of medical handheld software, AssociaMedSM has joined up with MedsPDA, and both now lend their services and expertise to selected amateur developers for free. 

MedsPDA currently delivers a very extensive range of handheld software through website 'downloads', including products that provide a platform on which new applications can be designed, as well as the more traditional patient and data management applications.

MedsPDA is also in the process of signing agreements to supply futuristic PDA software that can aid medical product design, research and development. 

With their vision firmly in mind, both AssociaMedSM and MedsPDA are playing a vital role in shaping the electronic healthcare platform of the future.

For further information,quotes or enquiries please email;

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