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RE: Help with Gcc-3.0.3 cross-compile

Does that apply even if what I am trying to produce is a tools chain to be
distributed in a "Development" environment that supports both IA32 and IA64?

This is my goal, to provide a root-jail environment which developers can use
to develop and validate code for both IA32 and IA64.

The area that is still vague to me is what Jim had pointed in his last
When I ran configure with --target=ia64-pc-linux-gnu
--prefix=/home/cross-ia64, my intent was to build the include and lib that
will be later used with gcc cross compile.
I didn't think it was going to work, but sure enough, "make all" worked,
didn't make sense, but I didn't question it.

So, if that's not the correct way to produce the headers and libs to be used
with gcc cross compile, where do I get, or how do I build, the "target"
headers and libs.  

Last, does redhat or any other linux distributor provide such package?  A
cross-ia64 development package that I can install in my redhat 7.1 for
example and have both IA64 and IA32 tool chains?

Again, thank you all for the help.


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From: Alexandre Oliva []
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 11:00 PM
To: Jim Wilson
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Subject: Re: Help with Gcc-3.0.3 cross-compile

On Feb 12, 2002, Jim Wilson <> wrote:

>> 5-Built glibc-2.2.5 for cross compile --target=ia64-pc-linux-gnu and
>> prefix=/home/cross-ia64

> You can't compile a cross glibc if you don't have a cross compiler yet,
> so you couldn't have done this at this point.

Also, for glibc, it's not --target, it's --host that you want to
specify, since the glibc you want to build is something that will
*run* (i.e., be hosted on) ia64-pc-linux-gnu, not something that
should generate code for ia64-pc-linux-gnu.  --target is pointless for

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