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Re: yet again

Bo Thorsen writes:

> > I'd consider it much more useful if (like all other multilibs do, and
> > following the lead of Solaris system libraries) we had (for both
> > configurations)
> >
> > 	$slibdir/			ELF32
> > 	$slibdir/sparcv9/		ELF64
> No, go all the way:
> 	$slibdir/$arch1/libx
> 	$slibdir/$arch2/libx
> 	...

No, this is both unnecessary and against current practice, compared both to
how non-libgcc multilibs are installed by gcc (i.e. the default multilib in
$slibdir, others in appropriate subdirs) and vendor practice.  Moving the
default multilibs to a subdir just creates confusion for the users
(especially if they need to handle this change when either setting
LD_LIBRARY_PATH or passing -R/-rpath) with no real gain.

> no matter which sparc it's compiled on. Especially for the architectures 
> where the 32 bit architecture can compile to 64 bit (only sparc so far, 
> x86-64 will maybe also do this), this would be nice.

Right, but its not only SPARC/Solaris 7+: MIPS/IRIX 6 is in the same boat
with the N32 and N64 ABIs.


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