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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Daniel Berlin wrote:

> It also tried to email you your new username and password for 
>, but the permissions problem caused it to be able 
> to insert the user, without being able to mail you your password (since 
> it could access the database, but not the perl file containing the 
> MailPassword routine).
> If you want me to remove it from the profiles so it does it again, let 
> me know.

Trying with another test address, it sends me the new password but trying
to log in with it still yields "The username or password you entered is
not valid."

Is there a per-user configuration (given the ability to log in) to send
one's new bug reports back to one, in the same format as they would be
sent to gcc-bugs, or is there some other way to see what the messages to
gcc-bugs for new bug reports would be?

Could the response to mail bug submissions be more helpful, in telling
people what to do to add additional information, both by mail and by the
web interface?  Is the subject "Bugzilla success (ID 5626)" such that
replies will automatically get filed with that bug report?  (The spelling
error "successfull" in the message should also be fixed.)  Where GNATS
says "Thank you very much for your problem report." this is better (we
ought to thank the users) than just "Your Bugzilla Mail Interface request
was successfull.", though in either case we need an explanation of how to
add more information.

Joseph S. Myers

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