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Re: Status of GCC memory checking, -fcheck-memory-usage

I've always liked Checker. I use it regularly on C code. 

I think a tool like Checker is really necessary in the free software
world. It is much better to have a free and integrated tool than to tell
users to go and buy purify/insure.

Why are there lots of duplicated efforts on simple and way inferior
malloc debug libraries? What a waste. The world needs only one of
them, and Checker's is fine. (But should be stand-alone).

The state of many Unix tools (and their security) would greatly
benefit from creating a checkerized version of e.g. Debian Linux.  I
don't think we can lean back and think that all buffer overflows have
been found. And we shouldn't wait for them to be discovered by chance
or malice.

Checker needs
1.  instrumenting some of the more exotic functions in glibc
2.  instrumenting libstdc++
3.  instrumenting libX11 (perhaps)
4.  advertising so more people use it

But most of all, since Tristan stopped, Checker needs a project


Claus Fischer <>

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