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Re: Success report on Linux/PPC, small Ada problem

> On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Laurent Guerby wrote:
> > Daily email should do the work for a while, then automatic web
> > contribution on the official GCC site and script to aggregate
> > once a day should take over once we have enough participants.
> >
> > What does the SC thinks on this?
> I'm now only speaking for myself, but I believe the SC wants to avoid
> to micro-manage, especially in cases where there is neither technical
> nor "political" disagreement.

Agreed (again, speaking for myself).  The SC has no role to play in things
like this.  We do our best to do as little as possible, to give the most
freedom possible to developers and testers.  The charter says we have
to decide some things (like naming maintainers or accepting major
contributions), but even in those things the votes are usually unanimous
because the "right thing" is obvious.

Please, anyone, do whatever you can to test gcc better and provide more
high-quality information.  The only thing I can think of that might cause
issues is if automated testers cause too much contention for the CVS
server, but that's a technical issue that can be worked out on this list.

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