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Status of GCC memory checking, -fcheck-memory-usage

I've been spending the last few days looking for some kind of memory checker/debugger for use with GCC 3.  I was completely suprised to NOT find any currently maintained checker with the kinds of features I'd like..

As I feel this is a major dificiency, and I currently have no interesting projects that I am working on, I would be willing to work on remedying this situation...  so I have some questions:

1.  Are there any memory debuggers that work with GCC that I am missing?  Ive found memprof, mcheck, and some others.. but none are quite what GNU Checker used to be..

2.  What is the status of -fcheck-memory usage in 3.0 and 2.96?  What languages does it work with?  I've poked around at it a bit, and it appears to be operational...

3.  What is the status of GNU Checker?  is this more-or-less officially a dead project at the moment?

4.  How is this related to the -fbounds-checking i've been hearing about?

5.  If I'm willing to write some code, what direction should I take?  Are there any resources for doing this kind of thing?

>From what I can tell, -fcheck-memory-usage has tremendous possibilities..  not only access checking, but leak detection and memory/cache profiling .. it could be so exciting...


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