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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

Daniel Berlin wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Richard Kenner wrote:
> >     Filing and replying don't require a browser interface; so that doesn't
> >     invalidate my point.
> >
> > But those aren't typically the activities I'd want to do, which are
> > browsing the database for bugs I might want work on.  I did this once,
> > but it was so slow, it's a major disincentive to try it again.
> Bugzilla querying is *so much* faster than gnats it's not funny.

I know that Bugzilla is based on a real database and thus has
an advantage but couldn't the speed of gnats be improved?

And is this speed differential the same with the newer gnats 4.x?

Abandoning gnats for any other system seems like effort which 
could be put into optimizing gnats.  gcc is not the only project
using gnats.  

I must be getting old.. I remember when people fixed free software
rather than abandoning it. :)

> I don't see the big deal in using a text mode browser if you don't feel
> like firing up netscape.

But gnats also has an email interface which breaks all requirements
of real interactivity.

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