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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Neil Booth wrote:

> I don't recall you ever filing, closing or replying to a GNATS report.

However, understanding why some of the main developers such as Kenner and
Jeff Law don't use GNATS is important for getting more people to use
Bugzilla.  (Which needs to be used both by people closing the bogus bug
reports, bug reports with insufficient information, etc., so that the bug
tracking system is a good place to find problems to fix, and developers to
report problems, find them, fix them, record information about fixes or
status of problems, etc..)

> If you have, it's very rare.  What Craig says carries a lot of weight,
> seeing as he uses it more than anyone else I think.

Considering gcc-prs since the start of 2001, counting messages from addresses (which include CVS-generated messages when you
include a PR number in a log message, which is one of the ways the system
is used):

   1573 rodrigc
    726 nathan
    712 neil
    546 lerdsuwa
    291 bkoz
    261 tromey
    241 jsm28
    231 mmitchel
    191 aoliva
    164 pme
    139 apbianco
    127 bryce
    123 rth
    103 gdr
     90 ljrittle
     88 gerald
     84 toon
     69 paolo
     57 dje

> I'd like to see Bugzilla implemented as soon as possible FWIW.

I'd like to see it adopted as soon as it's ready (which does include
having a description of the bug report fields, how they are used for GCC
and how they relate to the old fields, which is followed by the
GNATS-to-Bugzilla conversion process, since bad conversion of fields isn't
something that can so readily be fixed afterwards).  But depending on when
that is the Release Manager may have to decide whether it should be
adopted for 3.1 release engineering or wait until after the 3.1 release.

Joseph S. Myers

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