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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Craig Rodrigues wrote:

> OK, now you are starting to ask for features which are not
> even in the existing GNATS system, and you are making
> Daniel jump through hoops.
> Do you speak for the GCC Steering Committee regarding these
> requirements?  If Daniel does not implement these features,
> will this block Bugzilla from being adopted by the
> GCC Project?

This isn't a blocker; it's an area where GNATS is deficient (by sending
out attachments as base64 but not as MIME attachments).  I'd like to see
Bugzilla moved to once it's clear that it's uniformly as good as what we
currently have (and works with all the ways people currently work with
GNATS, in particular the various forms of email input and output (as it's
clear Bugzilla is much better at web interfaces in general than gnatsweb
(which can't even handle a query for category "c" properly, web/1646))).
However the point of moving should include remedying notable deficiencies
in the current system, such as (in this context, GNATS predating MIME):

* PR attachments not getting sent out readably to the lists when new PRs
are submitted.  (Simply not mailing them is arguably better than sending
junk, but mailing them to the lists in an appropriate way is better

* MIME attachments in email followups to PRs getting filed as raw MIME
(with MIME headers removed so they can't be reliably cleaned up in the
Bugzilla conversion process).  (I understand that for new messages the
Bugzilla email input will handle MIME properly and do something sensible

Joseph S. Myers

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