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gcc 3.0 branch report for 34 embedded targets


I have attempted to compile about 35 embedded targets using
binutils 2.11.2, newlib 1.10.0, and the gcc 3.0-x branch. 
Most (19) of the 34 targets fail to compile.  I fixed a problem
in newlib for sparc-elf addressing one failure, m68k-coff is
a known libgloss problem, and sh-coff/sh-rtems others are
clearly binutils fault.  That leaves 15 as gcc failures. 

I have mapped most of the failures to existing problem reports.
gnatsweb is so slow I can't do much with it right now.  

I would consider the arm problem (PR5539) to be the highest 
priority of the embedded ones right now since there are a 
lot of embedded arm/gcc users.  Beyond that it would be nice 
to get the h8300 problem PR3173 looked at since it has legal 
code not compiling.  The i960 problems would be third from 
my guess of how many users are impacted.

Attached is the not so encouraging report.  Some of these 
PRs have been outstanding since last summer.


Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development                 On-Line Applications Research
Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS  Huntsville AL 35805
   Support Available             (256) 722-9985

I have checked out the gcc 3.0 branch and built a number of cross-targets
using a RedHat 7.2 host, newlib 1.10.0 w/minimal patches, and 
binutils 2.11.2.  I have not run the test suites!  This is just
build results for C/C++ at this point.

There are few outstanding patches which need to be submitted to
get to this point:

  + newlib 1.10.0 - does not build setjmp/longjmp for i386-* targets
  + newlib 1.10.0 - libgloss/dummy.? does not agree on mem_err definition
                  - m68k-coff has known libgloss linking problems 
  + gcc           - misc RTEMS patches and one to sparc-elf to fix 
                    re-assert of cpu and machine

Here are the results

arc-elf 	- PR3587 
arm-elf		- PR5539
arm-rtems	- PR5539 
avr-elf		- PR3931
d30v-elf	- PR3812 
fr30-elf	- PR3588
h8300-coff	- PR3173
h8300-rtems	- PR3173
hppa1.1-proelf	- PR3389
i386-elf	- OK
i386-rtems	- OK
i960-coff	- PR3586
i960-elf	- core dump calling collect2
i960-rtems	- PR3586
m32r-elf	- PR3590
m68k-coff	- fails due to newlib m68k libgloss problem
m68k-elf	- OK
m68k-rtems	- OK
mcore-elf	- PR3591
mips64orion-elf	- OK
mips64orion-rtems - OK
mips-elf	- OK
mips-rtems	- OK
mn10200-elf	- PR3801
mn10300-elf	- OK
powerpc-eabi	- OK
powerpc-elf	- OK
powerpc-rtems	- OK
sh-coff		- binutils 2.11.2 tc-sh.c:3353 abort on BFD_RELOC_32 error
sh-elf		- OK
sh-rtems	- binutils 2.11.2 tc-sh.c:3353 abort on BFD_RELOC_32 error
sparc-elf	- OK libgloss compile problem mem_err conflicting definitions
		- BUT also cpu and machine re-asserted
sparc-rtems	- OK
v850-elf	- PR3372

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