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Re: Several snapshots on the same system?

> > Reading install.texi, I expected to be able to have several
> > different snapshots of gcc-3.1 installed in /usr/local on the same
> > system simultaneously, by changing --program-suffix when I configure
> > each snapshot.
> --prefix works, I recommend it's use.  If you want, you can clarify
> the manual to dissuade users from building gcc multiple times with the
> same --prefix value, if they want to use both compilers.

I tried last night to rebuild my snapshots: made directories
gcc-20011231-build and gcc-20020204-build, cd into them,

../gcc-SNAPSHOT/configure --prefix=/home/twomack/gcc-3.1/gcc-SNAPSHOT-obj --

and then "make bootstrap &" in each build directory, so I'm building the two
snapshots simultaneously.

At this point I went to bed; got up in the morning, su, make install &;
again, installing the two snapshots simultaneously in different places.

Add /home/twomack/gcc-3.1/gcc-SNAPSHOT-obj/bin to my $PATH.

And the installed snapshots both entirely fail to work, giving screeds of
errors when parsing the standard include files.

I didn't have time to complete a build before I went to work: have I made a
stupid mistake in the configure commands, or broken the build process by
trying two bootstraps in parallel, or what?


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