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Re: Objective-C++

Joe Buck wrote:
> > Stan Shebs wrote:-
> >
> > > But seriously, people using GNUstep ask about ObjC++ regularly,
> > > and all I can say to them is that Apple will support it in Apple's
> > > version of GCC, but that it's up to the SC as to whether it's
> > > included in FSF GCC, and they haven't yet announced a decision.
> >
> > Of course, it's the SC's decision.  But IMO, it'd be a bit daft to have
> > an Objective C compiler and refuse an Objective C++ compiler.
> While no final vote was taken, it seemed that the consensus the last time
> this was discussed seemed to be that it would be better to wait until the
> parser rewrite to integrate Objective C++, since we plan to throw away the
> current C++ parser in favor of Mark Mitchell's rewrite, meaning that if we
> integrate before that work is complete then we have to do duplicate work.

That's very sensible.  We can prepare the ground by modularizing
ObjC semantic actions so that they can live unchanged in either C
or C++ frontends; Zem has some relevant patches that he's been eager
to contribute.


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