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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

Joseph S. Myers wrote:

>>gccbug email isn't actually as important as you'd think.
>>It only accounts for 20% of bug reports.
>>By percentage, in fact, it's been going down steadily.
>Then too many people are failing to read or follow the documentation about
>bug reporting (unless the use of pre-3.0 versions without gccbug is going
>*up*, which would be very odd).

I think most people are much more comfortable with entering bug reports 
via a web interface than with something like gccbug (not that I doubt 
gccbug is useful for some).

Anyway, my vote is for the "Oh man, please" category. I would love to 
see bugzilla up and running as soon as possible. I'm a sporadic user of 
GNATS but I could see myself making far better use of the database with 

If it is going to be run in parallel to GNATS for a trial period, it 
might be best to not import the old database into the new system while 
the old one is still "live". I can see headaches occuring if we end up 
having updates to the same bugs in two systems.



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