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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > Bugzilla auto-cc's whoever wants to be cc'd about a given bug.
> > 
> > There is a cc list attached to each bug.
> > You can group add yourself to the cc list of any/all bugs you are 
> > interested in.
> > 
> > Anytime it sends out a change message, it also copies it to a mailing 
> > list.
> > 
> > But they look just like normal change messages, so there is no point in me 
> > setting up a list or three.
> > Nor am i going to.
> There are enough complications about the present system that a full
> working demonstration of the Bugzilla system would help see exactly what
> happens when.
> I'm doubtful about the need for the separate gcc-bugs and gcc-prs lists.  
> At present, however, most messages go to both, but followups emailed to 
> PRs just go to gcc-prs (perhaps with a presumption that the original 
> followup message was CC:ed to gcc-bugs - though in the case of messages 
> generated by CVS, it of course wasn't).  Where do emailed followups to bug 
> reports go with the Bugzilla system?  Are the relevant messages also sent 
> to java-prs, in addition to the main gcc lists?
> Do changes to bug categories, priorities, milestones, etc., all generate
> messages to the list/lists?
Yes, if you have that set in your preferences.
It defaults to all of:"

        'Comments',     'New Comments',
        'Attachments',  'New Attachments',
        'Status',       'Priority, status, severity, and milestone changes',
        'Resolved',     'When the bug is resolved or verified',
        'Keywords',     'Keywords field changes',
        'CC',           'CC field changes',
        'Other',        'Any field not mentioned above changes'

>  One of the deficiencies of the GNATS system
> is that they don't - I don't like there being silent changes to such
> things.
Then keep your preferences at their defaults.
If someone likes it quiet, they'll uncheck the boxes they don't like.

> Do new attachments (and attachments in newly submitted bug reports with
> the web interface) get mailed to the lists (as proper MIME attachments),
> as they should?

A URL to them gets mailed, rather than sending possibly huge attachments 
to everyone.

The URL is direct (IE it takes you to that attachment, rather than the 
> (One thing about the Bugzilla demonstration system I think I asked before:  
> how is it determined which accounts have what access to the system?  
Right now?

Anyone can submit or view.  People can edit bugs they've submitted or 
are assigned, and only those, unless a editbit is set in their 
profile, in which case they can edit any bug.
This was as complex as i needed it to be, but bugzilla supports bug 
groups and whatnot.
The bugzilla guide goes over administration and explains all of this.
>Only those with access to a particular
> Clearly for a production system, the accounts with GNATS write access
> would map directly to corresponding access for the corresponding accounts
> (only) in Bugzilla, though not necessarily preserving the GNATS
> passwords.)

People need accounts to submit bugs (but accounts also let you do things 
like save your own set of queries, etc), but it takes 5 seconds to setup 
in the web interface, and emailing in bug report will auto-create an 
account for you if necessary, and mail yo uback the password.

querying/ Viewing bugs is available with an account.
 > > > gccbug email isn't actually  as important as you'd think. > > It 
> only accounts for 20% of bug reports.
> > By percentage, in fact, it's been going down steadily.
> Then too many people are failing to read or follow the documentation about
> bug reporting (unless the use of pre-3.0 versions without gccbug is going
> *up*, which would be very odd).

Hey, i'm just crunching the numbers.

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