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Re: 17 GCC regressions, 8 new, with your patch on 2002-02-07T00:19:11Z.

These I think are all caused by the patch which fixes (adds) `warning: 
no return statement in function returning non-void'.
I think these are all just Excess errors for this warning.

Andrew Pinski

On Wednesday, February 6, 2002, at 09:52 , GCC regression checker wrote:

> With your recent patch, GCC has some regression test failures, which
> used to pass.  There are 8 new failures, and 9
> failures that existed before and after that patch; 0 failures
> have been fixed.
> The new failures are:
> powerpc-eabisim gcc.sum gcc.dg/debug/dwarf2-1.c
> powerpc-eabisim gcc.sum gcc.dg/noncompile/920507-1.c
> powerpc-eabisim gcc.sum gcc.dg/noncompile/920721-2.c
> powerpc-eabisim gcc.sum gcc.dg/noncompile/label-lineno-1.c
> powerpc-eabisim gdb.sum gdb.base/funcargs.exp:
> powerpc-eabisim objc.sum objc.dg/const-str-1.m
> powerpc-eabisim objc.sum objc.dg/const-str-2.m
> powerpc-eabisim objc.sum objc.dg/method-1.m
> The old failures, which were not fixed or introduced by your patch, are:
> native gcc.sum gcc.dg/debug/dwarf2-1.c
> native gcc.sum gcc.dg/noncompile/920507-1.c
> native gcc.sum gcc.dg/noncompile/920721-2.c
> native gcc.sum gcc.dg/noncompile/label-lineno-1.c
> native gdb.sum gdb.base/funcargs.exp:
> native gdb.sum gdb.threads/linux-dp.exp:
> native objc.sum objc.dg/const-str-1.m
> native objc.sum objc.dg/const-str-2.m
> native objc.sum objc.dg/method-1.m
> For more information, see 
> <>.

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