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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > I've taken care of almost every request, except niggling little thigns 
> > that haven't been decided like priority/severity levels and whatnot.
> Have you got gcc-bugs/gcc-prs mailing lists set up (with online archives)  
> so we can experiment with submissions / changes in your system and see
> what the messages that get sent out to the lists look like? 

Bugzilla auto-cc's whoever wants to be cc'd about a given bug.

There is a cc list attached to each bug.
You can group add yourself to the cc list of any/all bugs you are 
interested in.

Anytime it sends out a change message, it also copies it to a mailing 

But they look just like normal change messages, so there is no point in me 
setting up a list or three.
Nor am i going to.
 >(With the
> necessary email addresses to take the various forms of email input -
> gccbug submissions, 
This is one perl script
> followups to old bug reports with GNATS-style subject
> line, followups to Bugzilla reports with Bugzilla-style subject line - so
> we can also see what happens when we reply to messages about bugs in
> different ways.)
And this is a single script that does both, it just looks for a PR 
xxx" in the subject line, and if it sees one, it treats the text of a 
message as a comment, scans it for attachments, etc

Both go to the same email address, anything without a bug number in the 
header is assumed to be gccbug input (since it won't have a bug number 
assigned to it yet), and if it's not, we'll reply with an error message 
saying to either submit bugs in the right format, or, if they are 
attempting to comment on a bug, to do so.

gccbug email isn't actually as important as you'd think.
It only accounts for 20% of bug reports.
By percentage, in fact, it's been going down steadily.


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