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Re: Status of Bugzilla?

> Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 19:05:03 -0500
> From: Craig Rodrigues <>
> To:

> Does the GCC Steering Committee care one way or the other about this
> issue?

> I did not see any definitive answers to Daniel's query:

> I would appreciate clarification of the GCC project's stance on this
> issue.

The way to do this, is to take a vote of all the people that make the
heaviest use of the the bug reporting system, have them tell us:

	 over my dead body
	 no way
	 I don't care
	 Sound ok
	 Oh man, please

run the vote for a few weeks (or longer), and see how it comes out.
See if anybody in power (SC) wants to veto it.  Then find someone with
enough access to the machine willing to `be responsible'
for implementing it on the machine and watching it and
making it work.  Then get permission to install the software from
whoever decides this issue.  Then install it, prep the database, lock
the database, resync, readonly the old system, and the unlock the new
system as the production system and update the web pages.

We should be able to run the two systems side by side, and recommend
people use the newer system, if something doesn't work out with the
new system, we could always go back to using the old system.

I think we have an existance proof that it can work.  I think people
can wander over to that system and see if they like it (for voting
purposes).  Also, we can take a separate vote of the users to see what
their perference is, if any.  The user vote should only be done if
everything else is ok.  gcc-announce might be a place to announce the
user voting.

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