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Re: Objective-C++

Neil Booth wrote:
> Mathieu Chouinard wrote:-
> > Hi,
> > I would like to see Objective-C++ in gcc.
> > The reason is that I love Objective-C but I must use C++.
> Heh; I sense some orchestration going on here 8-)


But seriously, people using GNUstep ask about ObjC++ regularly,
and all I can say to them is that Apple will support it in Apple's
version of GCC, but that it's up to the SC as to whether it's
included in FSF GCC, and they haven't yet announced a decision.

> I don't think there are any objections to Objective C++; we just want it
> to be done the right way with the new parser.  I suspect that if someone
> works on it it will get into 3.2.

The last SC-originated message I know about is from Mark M
asking for a copy of our old patches.  I would be OK with
making ObjC++ conditional upon adoption of the new parser,
but the SC reserves to itself the decision of which new
languages to support in FSF GCC, and until they announce a
decision, there's not much point in speculating about tactics
and dates.


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