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Re: SSE and SSE2 intrinsics

On Monday 04 February 2002 17:19, Richard Henderson wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 12:44:20PM -0000, Tom Womack wrote:
> > I couldn't find an instruction-definition
> > for the SSE2 extended-MMX compare instructions.
> >
> > I was somehow expecting a file that I could #include to get Intel
> > intrinsics recognised, but I couldn't find one even by grepping through
> > the source tree.
> It's there -- #include <xmmintrin.h> or <mmintrin.h> just like the
> Intel compiler.  Oh, I see.  You said you were using the 2001-12-31
> snapshot.  These headers were added 2002-01-11.
The Intel compiler icc has also <emmintrin.h> which defines the SSE2 
intrinsics.  <xmmintrin.h> has the SSE intrinsics (no 64-bit data types), 
including the stuff for setting rounding and abrupt underflow modes.
<mmintrin.h> has mmx data types.  Still, xmmintrin is enough to keep me busy 
for a few hours trying to beat Fortran matrix transposition.  Gotta whip out 
f2c and convert some Fortran, and uglify it some more with these things.

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