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Re: Success report on Linux/PPC, small Ada problem

> <<gnat_rm.texi contains many references to software available from ACT,
> which I noted as inappropriate commercial advertising in a GNU manual, but
> hopefully the software in question is at least free software.
> >>
> ALl such software is part of the GNAT system, so I see no reason not to
> refer to it in the GNAT manual. All this software is part of the source
> distribution. I simply don't understand the distinction you are making here.
> For us GNAT, including the FSF version, is a complete Free Software system
> for Ada programming, not just a bare compiler.

If the software in question is free software, I don't see a problem.
Joseph, do you feel that the language is too promotional?

> <<Not however the most important (to GNU) ports, which are those to free
> platforms.
> >>
> Of course, but it is certainly valuable for GCC to run on targets other
> than GNU, and I have never heard anyone question this before.

The GCC mission statement explicitly says that we're interested in
supporting a wide variety of systems, including proprietary ones.

> Once again, Joseph, I would like to understand what you mean when you
> talk about the manual recommending the use of proprietary software.

It's fine to describe which platforms are supported and what the
requirements are for each, much as gcc already does.

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