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Re: Success report on Linux/PPC, small Ada problem

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Robert Dewar wrote:

> So let's make sure what we are talking about here. Most certainly it is
> the case that most GNAT ports require the use of proprietary software,
> including host operating systems, tools, and libraries (the same is
> true of GNU C).

Not however the most important (to GNU) ports, which are those to free

gnat_rm.texi contains many references to software available from ACT,
which I noted as inappropriate commercial advertising in a GNU manual, but
hopefully the software in question is at least free software.

#   Most GNU packages run on a wide range of platforms. These platforms
#   are not equally important.
#   The most important platforms for a GNU package to support are GNU and
#   GNU/Linux. Developing the GNU operating system is the whole point of
#   the GNU Project; a GNU package exists to make the whole GNU system
#   more powerful. So please keep that goal in mind and let it shape your
#   work. For instance, every new feature you add should work on GNU, and
#   GNU/Linux if possible too. If a new feature only runs on GNU and
#   GNU/Linux, it could still be acceptable. However, a feature that runs
#   only on other systems and not on GNU or GNU/Linux makes no sense in a
#   GNU package.


#   Supporting other platforms is optional--we do it when that seems like
#   a good idea, but we don't consider it obligatory. [...]

#   A GNU program should not recommend use of any non-free program. We
#   can't stop some people from writing proprietary programs, or stop
#   other people from using them. But we can and should avoid helping to
#   advertise them to new customers.
#   Sometimes it is important to mention how to build your package on top
#   of some non-free operating system or other non-free base package. In
#   such cases, please mention the name of the non-free package or system
#   in the briefest possible way. Don't include any references for where
#   to find more information about the proprietary program. The goal
#   should be that people already using the proprietary program will get
#   the advice they need about how to use your free program, while people
#   who don't already use the proprietary program will not see anything to
#   encourage them to take an interest in it.


Joseph S. Myers

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