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Re: Success report on Linux/PPC, small Ada problem

<<* The nag screen in gnatbind (I'm not sure if such things have a place
  in official FSF sources).

Well this code is deactivated for the FSF version. I think it is important
to keep the two trees as close as possible. 

<<I could commit my Texinfo-only version, which is based on an internal
ACT version from last fall.

Much too far out of date I am afraid

>>* The lines referring to the maintainership of ACT.

Again, to create a difference in every file would mean that essentially it
would be far more difficult for us to syncrhonize the trees, so I would
leave that there if possible (of course ACT has no obligation to do anything
with the FSF sources, but there is a real advantage in making it as easy as
possible for ACT to keep things coordinated :-)

>>* The copyright status of files without assignment to the FSF.

These are library files, and RMS does not feel it is a problem from FSF's
point of view, so I don't see any reason to worry about it.

>>* The GNAT User Guide recommends using proprietary software.

To what are you referring here? Of course most GNAT versions require the
use of proprietary software (namely the operating system etc.)

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