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Re: Success report on Linux/PPC, small Ada problem

> > What other issues are open. The copyright issue is resolved (I discussed
> > this with RMS, and he did not feel there was a problem).

Florian Weimer writes:

> What copyright issue are you talking about?  I think I've lost track a
> bit.
> * The nag screen in gnatbind (I'm not sure if such things have a place
>   in official FSF sources).

What does it say?  "nag screen" is something I associate with shareware.

> * The lines referring to the maintainership of ACT.

The last time this came up, RMS says that he considers Robert Dewar,
rather than ACT the company, to be the official maintainer, though
of course ACT should be acknowledged for its (huge) contribution.
Let RMS, Robert, and ACT work out agreeable language.

> * The copyright status of files without assignment to the FSF.

No idea on this; the FSF does not currently own every file in the
distribution, not sure if it's OK.

> And, soon to come:
> * The GNAT User Guide recommends using proprietary software.

That one I can answer: no only would RMS flip, but the SC promised him
that we'd never allow such things into documentation or the web site.
ACT can do whatever it wants, but the GCC project can't.

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