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Re: Success report on Linux/PPC, small Ada problem

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Robert Dewar wrote:

> <<However, what's most annoying at the moment is the lack of user
> documentation (the GNAT User Guide).
> >>
> We will see if we can do something about this right away.
> What other issues are open. The copyright issue is resolved (I discussed
> this with RMS, and he did not feel there was a problem).

Here is my current list.  Some of these will become PRs - "high" priority,
if appropriate, as with the bug box and lack of manuals - if nothing
happens on them.  In addition, some sort of testsuite is desirable.  
Given the complexity of ACATS, perhaps someone familiar with DejaGnu could
produce simple harnesses for ordinary Ada tests, similar to gcc.c-torture
/ g77.f-torture and gcc.dg / g77.dg / ...?  Various simple Ada testcases
for bugs have been posted to the lists (mainly by Kenner) over the past
few months, and those could go in those testsuites.

* Sources of all extant old GNAT releases should be put up for FTP in

* Everything should be covered by a toplevel "make bootstrap"; no
separate "make gnatlib_and_tools" should be needed.

* The "bug box" needs to be changed to direct reports to the GCC GNATS

Various documentation is needed:

* The front end should have a proper user manual, distributed in the
ada directory.  The gnat_rm.texi manual already present needs to have
various fixes I previously listed made, and to be included in "make
dvi", "make info" and "make install".  Once this is done, I will
attend to updating update_web_docs and onlinedocs/index.html to have
that manual available online.

* gcc/doc/contrib.texi should have GNU Ada contributors listed.  (If
they are listed in some GNU Ada manual, there should be a link from

Joseph S. Myers

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