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RE: Problems upgrading from 2.95.3-5 to 3.X on cygwin

The fastjar install problem was fixed in gcc-3.1.  

zlib, fastjar and gcj are built on the mainline to prevent bitrot.  One could make a case for disabling them for a release.

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From: Alexandre Oliva []
Sent: Monday, 4 February 2002 10:59 
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Subject: Re: Problems upgrading from 2.95.3-5 to 3.X on cygwin

On Feb  3, 2002, Tim Prince <> wrote:

> a build of libgcj, and then tried to correct it by running configure again, 
> you must delete the corresponding build subdirectories.  I do wonder why 
> cygwin is not among the targets which have workable configure defaults.

Because nobody submitted a patch to fix it?  Or, if someone did,
perhaps the maintainers missed it? :-)

Anyway, I do see ${libgcj} in noconfigdirs in the top-level for cygwin, in mainline and in the GCC 3.0 branch, so
java target libraries are indeed disabled by default.  However, this
doesn't imply zlib and fastjar are disabled too.  Perhaps it should?

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