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Is it too late for libstdc++/5432 to make it into gcc-3.0.4?

Hi There,

Mark Mitchell wrote:

 >Please consider the GCC 3.0 branch slushed at this time.  All
 >code patches will now require my approval, as we are now preparing
 >for the 3.0.4 release on February 15th.
 >Unfortunately, I'll be travelling through the 12th.  I'll be
 >reading email, but sporadically.  My inability to respond may or may
 >not require a brief postponement of the GCC 3.0.4 release.
 >Below, here are the unresolved issues that have been brought to
 >my attention as important bugs to fix for this release.  If you
 >have additional issues, or additional information about these
 >issues, please let me know as soon as possible.

  Is it too late for the fix to libstdc++/5432 to make it into gcc-3.0.4?
It went into the CVS head on 24-Jan-2002.

It makes the libstdc++ library more robust wrt multithreading.

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