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Re: Keeping unreachable code

On Monday 04 February 2002 13:07, you wrote:
> On Feb  3, 2002, Casper Hornstrup <> wrote:
> > On Sunday 03 February 2002 23:37, you wrote:
> >> The compiler cannot throw away a function that could potentially be
> >> called from some other file.
> >
> > It can if it thinks it is 'dead' code and it does since no jumps targets
> > the code. The address of the exception handler is kept in a table so the
> > runtime library can find it.
> The difference is that a non-static function can be called from other
> translation units, so GCC has to keep in it, whereas a label is not be
> accessible from other translation units.  GCC assumes labels are only
> reachable within the same function.  The only exception is for
> non-local gotos from nested functions to labels in enclosing functions
> (a GCC extension), and exception handling.  In the case of exception
> handling, the compiler creates edges from call insns to the
> corresponding handlers, such that they are not marked as dead.  Just
> taking their addresses is not enough: there must be some live computed
> goto within the same function to mark labels whose addresses are taken
> as not dead.  Consider doing something like:
> void *make_labels_live = 0;
> #define register_EH_label(label, where) do { \
>   if (__builtin_expect(make_labels_live, 0)) goto *make_labels_live; \
>   really_register_EH_label(&&label, where);
> } while (0)
> foo() {
>   register_EH_label(my_eh_label, ???);
> ...
>  my_eh_label:
> }

Thanks for the information.

So what are my options? 1) Put the label on the non-local goto labels list or 
2) create edges. Since this is to be integrated with the current exception 
handling implementation I prefer 2). Which function can I use to create these 
edges with?

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