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GCC 3.0.4

Please consider the GCC 3.0 branch slushed at this time.  All
code patches will now require my approval, as we are now preparing
for the 3.0.4 release on February 15th.

Unfortunately, I'll be travelling through the 12th.  I'll be
reading email, but sporadically.  My inability to respond may or may
not require a brief postponement of the GCC 3.0.4 release.

Below, here are the unresolved issues that have been brought to
my attention as important bugs to fix for this release.  If you
have additional issues, or additional information about these
issues, please let me know as soon as possible.


Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

"Richard B. Kreckel" <>

  Rainer Orth's patch on Mon Jul 16 2001 broke CLN on Tru64.

  I requested filing of a PR.

Bob Wilson <>

  Would like Xtensa port in GCC 3.0.4.

Don Lindsay <>


  There are build failures in cross compilers to AMR and m68k.

"Bradley D. LaRonde" <>

  PR5405 -- 3.0.3 "introduced the -mtune brokenness"

Phil Blundell <>

  PR5209 -- Bootstrap problem.  Regression from 3.0.2.

Richard Henderson <>

  This is a problem with loop unrolling that comes from
  expand_end_loop incorrectly rotating the loop.  It affects
  loop-10.c and is a regression from GCC 2.95.

Zack Weinberg <>

  3.0.3 mishandles #line in the middle of a function, emitting
  incorrect debugging output.

  Neil fixed this problem on the mainline.  I asked Zack to apply
  Neil's patch to the branch, if this is a regression from GCC 2.95.

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