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Re: "GNU" and Ada

"make distclean"...

$ellOnline Fast Secure and Easy

--enable-threads flag in precompiled gcc

-Wswitch-default -Wswitch-enum ...

.NET Managed Extensions

2.95.4 release ?

2nd problem

3.0.3 on sparc-sun-solaris2.8

3.1 bootstrap failure on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu

=---Live 20 years longer with HGH---= 2814975443322222111

=---Live 20 years longer with HGH---= 39191397654433332222221

=---Live 20 years longer with HGH---= 84221111000000000000



[3.0.3, 2.95.3] Endless loop with strstream.h included w/o instream.h

[ANNOUNCE] first prototype of unwind API

[ast-optimizer-branch] Merged with mainline

[Fortran] Lapack test suite results for i686-pc-linux-gnu on themain line (regressions)

Re: [G95-develop] Re: Vectorising pass (was: Re: SIMPLE)

Re: [openrisc] Re: ports to 2.96 and 3.1 versions

[OT] GCC vs Intel C++ compiler benchmark

RE: [OT] GCC vs Intel C++ compiler benchmark - don't forget ia64

[Part of] your Dec., 4th change to libf2c/Makefile.in.

[PATCH] C undefined behavior fix

[patch] i386.c string alignment - no alignment for < 32 bytes, else to 32 bytes

[Q] Register mapping in Call Frame Instructions

[RFA] Major debugging breakage

Re: [testcase] ia64 retaddr elimination failure


about g77

About global varibles initialization

Access to symbol table from within a program

Ada exception traceback

Aliasing fun

Alternative to named return value extension is worse.


ambiguous insn in altivec


ANSI string concatenation in i386/cygwin.h

arch (revision control system)

arch lists

Are the GCC lists intended to be open lists?

ARM THUMB: fundamental bug in handling of far jumps?

ARM thumb: why call_via_rX?

ARM/Thumb mixed code

arm/thumb: GOT and indirections

ARM: handling of weak symbols in thumb code

Re: Arraysizes in g77

attributes in function arguments broken

autoconfiscating top level directory -- info wanted

autoconfiscation -- questions about make usage

Best options for 64-bit FP on athlon?


Bitset statistics

A blast from the past

BOEHM-GC,GCC 3.0.3 and libjava

bootstarp and cpp

bootstrap error on m68k-linux with CVS HEAD 20020127

Bootstrap failure on alphaev56-dec-osf5.1

Re: Bounds checker for g++ on Linux?

Bug in gcc-20011231

Bug in gcc-20020114: m68k doesn't use tstsf/tstdf patterns

Bug in tidy_fallthru_edges ?

Bug? flow_find_cross_jump deletes USE insns ...

Re: bugs fixed in 3.0.3 -- second draft

Build for Windows CE ?

build status for cross builds?

Build Status for GCC 3.0

build successful - gcc 3.1 20020121

c anc c++ compiling

Re: C undefined behavior fix

Re: c++ code completion status report

C++/libstdc++: new "statement with no effect" warnings

Can't size warning

ChangeLog rotation

Checking for errors on stdout/stderr

Re: ColdFire v4e FPU addressing problems

Come Join The Fun

compare instructions

compiled gcc


compiling current cvs sparcv9-solaris-2

condition codes, haifa-sched and virtual-stack-vars

constructor calling order

continuing sparcv9 odyssey---need gnu as?

Correct comparison to the intrinsics table, was: Re: Plan for bug-fixing g77-3.1.


Re: cp/decl.c

CPP macro for Byte-order

Cross compiler problem

cross compilers without binutils

CSE optimization question

Cuidado com o BPI

CUM see the hottest bitches on the net...for pennies

Dead code elimination of dead structure assignments in gcc

debugging dwarf2 info

Deciding whether to put a testcase


Defined but unused target macros

Developing a Once-install and throw-away-CD mechanism

Difficulty building stage 1 MIPS cross compiler from CVS...

discussion group

Distributing new GCC releases on ftp.gnu.org -- conventions

Documentation for target macros: comments vs. tm.texi

Re: DW_OP_addr with undefined label

DWARF broken?

DWARF2-win32 and gcc/gcc/unwind-pe.h?


Efficient gmon call-arc counting

Re: egcs/gcc ChangeLog Makefile.in config.in confi ...

empty loop elimination (lack of) ?

Re: eon performance regression

errno values: poll

Error building cross compiler from mainline

exception support in gcc-3.0.3

export for Templates

fastjar build failure on darwin

Re: ffs?

Fix 3272 and 5181 in the branch? (was: Re: Plans for 3.0.4 ?)


Fortran testsuite problem

function inlining in ARM/Thumb

FYI: large number of objc failures on i686-linux-gnu


g++ and aliasing bools

g++ compiler

g++/GNU ld/position independent libraries

g2++comp availability

gcc 3.0.3 / SGI 64-bit platforms

GCC 3.0.3 20020121 fails to compile with glibc 2.2.5 ?

GCC 3.0.3 build for Alpha, i486, PowerPC (SuSE RPMs available)

gcc 3.0.3 in HP-UX 11.11: success report

GCC 3.0.3 produces large code

GCC 3.0.3 Question

gcc 3.0.3 seems to build libstdc++.so.3.0.2

gcc 3.0.3 success on slackware

gcc 3.0.3 website : broken link

GCC 3.0.4 GCC 3.0.4

gcc 3.1 20020118 miscompiled ld.so on Linux/mips

Re: GCC 3.1 problem with autoconf's configure scripts.

GCC >= 3 problems

gcc build for AVR

gcc for inter 196 microcontroller

gcc installation

GCC Installation Problem

gcc mirror links

gcc on AIX 4.3.3 - installation problem

gcc on Reliant unix (siemens)

GCC online documentation

GCC Output

GCC Porting beginner

gcc question

GCC, g++ entries in Free Software Directory

gcc-3.0.3 build success

gcc-3.0.3 install

gcc-3.0.4pre build on arm-linux

gcc-prs archives recognize attachments?

Re: gcc-ss-20011231 is now available

gcc-ss-20020107 is now available

gcc-ss-20020114 is now available

gcc-ss-20020121 is now available

gcc-ss-20020128 is now available

Re: gcc/gcc ChangeLog config.gcc config/netbsd-aou ...

gcc3 vs 176.gcc


Re: Gcj Errors

gcj on Cygwin

GCJ: Java generics ala Sun JDK1.5

gcov and C++'s global destructors

Re: Get your diploma in days

GNATS Write Access

gnu assembler question

GNU GNATS 4.0 beta1 released (fwd)

The gnu linker.

gprof and xscale-elf-gcc

Grammatical errors.

Have run out of space in CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER_P


Help g++ problem.

Help needed with sparc

Help wanted on GCC port

Hey there

HEY YOU .don't miss this

How do i upgrade to gcc 3.X on cygwin?

How to get dos path's in the debug information?

How to tell gcc that a static function is really used?


I got the address you asked me

I meant PostScript manual files


ICE on h8300-hms target

Ich bin's

Install gcc

Installation error on AIX 4.3.3

instantiate_virtual_regs query

Is there a Problem with -g on mainline (470MB for a 7MB executable)?

issues trying to add ColdFire v4e FPU support to gcc-20020107

Issues with limbo DIEs in dwarf2out.c

Jason's calls.c patch and spec2000 performance regression

Java & aliasing question

Java--C++ interface

Latest update on Bugzilla

Re: ldreqd instruction in arm version 4?

ldreqd instruction in xscale

legitimate_address_p query

libc core dump

libcall CSE, simplify_unary_operation, and (zero_extend (const_int))

Re: libjava build failure sol2.6 asm problem?

libjava does not build

libjava failed to build on Linux/x86

Re: libtool in binutils question

Link failure


little problems with gcc 3.0.3

long double (128-bit) support

Loop oddity

loop optimizations

Loop question

m68k problem and libstdc++

mailing list question.

Major debugging breakage

makefiles in gcc

May an implementation document implementation-defined behavior as undefined? (fwd)

Meilleurs Vux pour 2002 : anne de mmoire, de mobilisation, d'action, de justice et de srnit - Appel au soutien moral et financier

Migrating from gcc2.96 to gcc 3.0.2

Millions of Movies and Pictures? I know how...

mips structure padding

mips64 inline question

Mirror sites (was: anoncvs.cygnus.com)

Re: MMAP issue on cygwin

multilib issues


Need Forms

NetBSD maintainer (was: [patch] Clean up NetBSD configs, fix NetBSDELF configs)

new command-line option idea

new contribution

New Java Swing web-enabling technology - you have to see it to believe it

new photos from my party!

New x86 target

RE: New x86 target (OS-9/x86)

No bootstrap on Solaris 2.7

non coherent options, switches and descriptions

Non-Unified Memory Machine


Nouvelles acquisitions / New online

Old libstdc++-2.7.2

Re: Optimizations on long long multiply/divide on PowerPC32 don't work

Re: Optimizations on long long multiply/divide on PowerPC32 don'twork

Order of docs for target options

page http://gcc.gnu.org/mirrors.html

paradoxical subreg problem

Re: paradoxical subreg problem [ patch attached ]

Re: paradoxical subreg problem [ patch attached ]


passwords for exceptions.pdf

PATCH for Re: Link failure

PATCH for Re: Mailing list usage

PATCH for Re: page http://gcc.gnu.org/mirrors.html

PCH status??

PDF manual files

permission to be maintainer for Xtensa port

Plan for bug-fixing g77-3.1.

Plans for 3.0.4 ?

Re: Plans for 3.0.4 ? (Re: new PR libstdc++/5432)

Please don't sent threatening legalese to the gcc list (was Re: ia64)

Please help baby C programmer...

Re: Please update config.guess for Linux/mips.


port to 80251 processor

ports to 2.96 and 3.1 versions

possible bug in cygwin

possible problem in i386.h?

ppc question for altivec

PPC405 libstdc++ cross-compile fails w/ 3.0.3

PR 5304 is still broken in gcc-20020128

pre compiled headers

Problem creating shared object with gcc on AIX 4.3.3

problem installation with zlib

Problems building cross compiler on NT

problems building cross compilers

problems building GCC

Problems debugging on irix

Problems with c++ (gcc 2.95.3) on Sys V R4.0

program compiled with GCC

Project proposal

QNX Port

question about gcj -fjni code

Question about PR 5478

Re: a quicky about gcj command line

Random C testsuite failures for gcc-3_0-branch (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

Re.: Question


regarding tree format.

regression tester scripts now in gcc/contrib/regression

reload problem:

reload question

Remaining host configuration fragments

Remind Your Customers

Re: Report of successful build

Report to Recipient(s)

Retiring gccbug script?

Re: Revised clarifications for patch-testing instructions

RFC - g77 tests using dg-output

rfc: __builtin_syntax_error

rfc: clobber all call-saved registers

RTL creation

Run time error on Sol8 x86

Scheduling of asm()

Script for checking copyrights in gcc tree

Severe Tire Damage

Severity and Priority in the GNATS database


Simple question.

SIMPLE: A language-independent tree IR

Soft FP in libgcc -- how to disable it?

solaris 8 x86

Solving the in-source build problem. Permanently.

son compler->gcc ERROR questino

spam mail

sparc "environments" versus -mcpu=...

Sparc bogosity

sparc-sun-solaris2.7 successful build of 3.0.3; libjava test problem

sparc.c bogus comparison

sparcv9 bootstrap failure; gengenrtl dumps core

SPEC 2004 submission and GCC project

Standards question: va_list vs. va_list *

static initialization of an array

Static variable addressing

Static variable addressing (addendum)

Status of SSE/SSE2 builtins on ia32

Strange testsuite/thread/pthread1.cc

strlen and atoi coredumps

Succesfull build and install of gcc-3.0.3 on k6-redhat-linux-gnu

success building 3.0.1 and failure with 3.0.3; and some questions

successful 3.0.3 bootstrap on ia64-unknown-linux-gnu

successful build

successful build 3.0.3 and CVS branch

successful build and installation GCC 3.0.3

Successful build of GCC 3.0.3

Successful build of gcc-3.0.3 on i686-pc-cygwin

Successful build on apple darwin5.2

Successful build on HPUX 11.00

Successful build on IRIX 6.5.13m

Successful build on Solaris 2.6

Successful build on Tru64, 4.0f

Successful build on Ultrix 4.4 mips ECOFF

Successful build report

successful GCC 3.0.3 alphaev5-dec-osf4.0g build

Successful installation of GCC 3.0.3 on i386-unknown-freebsd4.4

Successful: gcc 3.0.3 on SuSE 7.1

Successfully built and installed GCC

successfully built and installed GCC

sun 0s -> gcc ERROR question

Support for C16x/ST10

Symbol table lookup at the run time

Symbol versioning problem? Different versions of same symbol being called.

Take mirror: ftp.fh-worms.de

termios.h for arm-elf-gcc?

Testcase for strict-aliasing wanted

Tried making egcs 1.1.2 on RedHat 7.2 and failed

two compiler versions

two constructor copies in object file

Two-stage lookup for templates in 3.1?

type casting

typed memory objects


Unaligned block moves and MEM_ALIGN re-broken

Unused but documented target macros

Re: Update on bugzilla stuff

urgent help needed: testsuite related

va_arg question

variables and stack space question

Vectorising pass (was: Re: SIMPLE)

vortex peak performance regression

want to fill out copyright assignment for gcc


Web headers

What does "internal error #20000524"?

What does "pure virtual method called" error mean?

what does __gthread_active_p() do/mean?

What does assembly-time constant mean?

What to do against "X" constraints in asm statements

which GCC version old or new?

Why are we overusing the preprocessor?


write permission comparison with Linux


x86 optimization and rtx_cost question

x86-64 branch created

xscale-elf-gcc and arm-elf-gcc

Re: Your change breaks MIPS.

your patch broke darwin libffi

Your patch to libjava/java/lang/ieeefp.h




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