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Re: fortran and apple rantings...

Stan Shebs wrote:

> Aldy Hernandez wrote:
> >
> > i've been playing with a macosX and i'm terribly disappointed that a
> > toplevel make doesn't even build out of FSF sources.  it seems some
> > magic bits are in the blessed apple sources.
> Welcome to my personal hell... :-)

That's nothing !  I spent the last *two days* getting my newly acquired
TiBook to speak the true Debian GNU/Linux.

This is bootstrapping according to the very definition thereof ;-)  I
first installed the Debian PowerPC 2.2r4 distribution from CDROM; after
that I had enough control of (console, character-based) Linux and a
working Ethernet connection that I could apt-get most of 3.0 (i.e.
testing) _and_ the 2.4.16 kernel (because XFree86-4.1 requires it) to
have it bootstrapping and at least promising that *if* I can repair
XF86Config I might actually enjoy X ...

Of course, this all courtesy of the _real_ pioneers at Debian's PowerPC
port mailing list ;-)

Now for the Fortran question - during these downloads it became
painfully clear that Fortran is not among the default compilers
distributed by Debian (Boo, Hiss !).

Toon "Use the F-word, Luke" Moene.

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