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Re: has HTML errors wrote:

> > > That's because the HTML used isn't standard compliant. See
> > >
> > > for the list of errors on this particular page.
> >
> > Of the very few (minor) errors the last one is in line 345. How
> > possibly this can affect the end of the page (609 lines long) ?
> Easy: take <h2><a name="TOC0">Target specification</h2> for instance. I
> assume my version of Konqueror doesn't take </h2> into account since <a>
> is not closed (whereas it should: see
> and also
> Therefore it's still an header
> for him, and this till the end of the file.
> Of course, most browsers (and even a later version of Konqueror it
> seems) are nicer on errors like that, i.e. they are better at guessing
> what the webmaster intended. Still, if you close the <a> on lines 79 and
> 94 (just before closing <h2> in both cases), my version of Konqueror
> renders the page perfectly fine, and the page is more compliant.

What you have just explained sound reasonable to me (I'm not an HTML expert) and I suggest you to contact Gerald Pfeifer, the WEB
pages maintainer to discuss this issue in detail (his address is:

Better: why don't you download the wwwdocs with CVS (, prepare a patch and submit it to If your arguments are sound (as they seems to me) the patch will be approved and in a few days from now you
will see your improvements on-line.


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