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bugs fixed in 3.0.3 -- draft, partial list

Hi all,

I've attempted to gather a list of bugs fixed in the 3.0.3 release, since
people have been asking us for this kind of thing for a while.  This is a
partial list, based on my scans of ChangeLogs.  If you know of others,
please send me pointers; it's very difficult to get the right data from
GNATS because if I just ask for closed bugs there's no way to sort out
duplicates, bugs filed against the 3.1 branch or 2.95.x, etc.  I've
changed a number of the titles to make them more comprehensible;
suggestions for improvements are welcome.


Bugs fixed in the 3.0.3 release (partial list)

bootstrap failures:

3388: 3.0 bootstrap failure on solaris 2.5.1 with vendor compiler
3451: AIX 4.3.2 redefinition of macro
4020: shell script syntax errors in gcc makefiles (solaris)
4422: bootstrap fail with BSD Make on FreeBSD 4.4, 5.0
4448: make bootstrap failed: gthread-win32.h erroneous (Cygwin/Windows NT)
4606: config.gcc refers to nonexistent va-clipper.h
4826: build error in libf2c on Tru64 Unix 5.1A

compiler crashes (note: ICE means internal compiler error)

3394: (c++) ICE in tree_low_cst, at tree.c (attribute handling)
3637: (c++) internal compiler error in finish_member_declaration
4815: gcc 3.0.2 ICE with -O2 when compiling linux kernel 2.4.13-ac8
4932: the i386 backend crashes on incorrect asm(" ... %c0 ...")
5041: zero-length arrays initialized by {} cause gcc to segfault

c++ library bugs

3720: pervasive buffer overruns in stream I/O when numbers are read
      (this bug could be a major security hazard, you want this fix!)
4548: when using reserve() to make a string smaller, program crashes
4622: incorrect implementation of complex operator/=

other bugs:

779/4988 (duplicates): --target-help broken
3471: (c++) gcc 3.0.1 (and .2) reports error about a private copy
            constructor that shouldn't get called
3968: (c++) COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS empty
3048: (c++) lookup problem (gcc 2.95 regression)
4842: (c++) -Woverloaded-virtual does not work


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