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Re: fdump-ast-original and strg:

On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, mike stump wrote:

> defaults.h was created to meet this need, people should collapse
> common things into it as part of normal maintenance.
> To pick a few (that easily fit on one line):

Some of these are already in defaults.h.  (Of course all defaults should
be documented in tm.texi as well.)

>      21 #define SHORT_TYPE_SIZE 16
>       1 #define SHORT_TYPE_SIZE 32
>       1 #define SHORT_TYPE_SIZE (INT_TYPE_SIZE == 8 ? INT_TYPE_SIZE : 16)

Defaults to (BITS_PER_UNIT * MIN ((UNITS_PER_WORD + 1) / 2, 2)).
I expect most definitions could go away.

>       9 #define CHAR_TYPE_SIZE 8
>       2 #define CHAR_TYPE_SIZE BITS_PER_UNIT
>       2 #define CHAR_TYPE_SIZE 16

Defaults to BITS_PER_UNIT, all values are equal to that, and I don't know
whether support for it being different really works in practice.

>      18 #define INT_TYPE_SIZE 32
>       3 #define INT_TYPE_SIZE 16
>       2 #define INT_TYPE_SIZE (TARGET_SHORT ? 16 : 32)
>       1 #define INT_TYPE_SIZE 64

Defaults to BITS_PER_WORD.

While dealing with this sort of cruft, WCHAR_UNSIGNED doesn't seem to be
used anywhere.  Is it meant to be useful?  If not, it should probably die

Joseph S. Myers

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