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New libtool for GCC 3.1?

I was wondering if libtool was going to be updated from the official
sources before the release of GCC 3.1?  I tried it on my system (HP-UX
11.00) and didn't have too many problems once I figured out what to do.
The main thing I found was that I needed to use automake 1.5 instead of
an older one in order to get AM_PROG_LIBTOOL to expand properly and not
generate a reference (from the configure script) to ltconfig, which no
longer exists in the latest libtool.

So here is what I did:
	I installed automake 1.5 and autoconf 2.52 on my system
	I removed,,, and ltconfig
		from the gcc directory.
	I updated libtool.m4 and in the gcc directory from
		the libtool top-of-tree.
	I ran automake and autoconf in gcc/libstdc++-v3.
	I did a build.

libstdc++-v3 seems to be the only directory that I configure that uses
libtool since I am not building java but I did the same steps with the
binutils sources and ran automake;autoconf in the bfd, binutils, gas,
gprof, and opcodes directories and they built fine as well.

My main interest in all this is that support for the IA64 HP-UX platform
is in the latest libtool but not in the binutils/GCC libtools and I
would like to get it included.  I could do a patch for the libtool in
GCC/binutils but if we update libtool to the official sources then I 
will not need to do that.

Steve Ellcey

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