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urgent help 2

Thanks for ur reply.

problem i facing.

                  as we want to use gcc frontend with our backend for
producing our compiler.

our goal
        our goal is to use front end of gcc for which we download the gcc 
3.0 code .we think that if we get the last file of front end we can use it 
as input to our backend for construction of our complier.

we think that the last file is in form of ir(intermediate 
representation).which we were trying to find by geting the temperary
files which the complier delete durig compilation.

but as you say that there is no ir file but dump tree files which it can
display by using parameters.
1- is any tree dump file is front end last file which can be used as input 
for backend.

our first step
        to find the last frontend file which can be used for our backend

          if we are going in wrong direction for our goal plz guid us
so that we reach our destination.

           please reply early. thanks

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